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Innovative English Language Center Course Description of Innovative English Learning Center

1) General English

4) Innovative Junior English

2) Business English

5) Professional Telephone Skills (Job Oriented)

3) Teacher Training Course

6) Professional Writing Program


1) General English

This dynamic communication-based course has the following daily structure:

Language Structure (Grammar).
Practical use of specific grammar structures to improve speaking skills.

Improve conversational ability through the study of functional language skills and idiomatic English.

(Reading, writing & vocabulary)
A comprehensive study of new vocabulary with instruction in reading and writing.

(Speaking & Listening)
Improve listening, speaking and pronunciation skills through effective roll-play, audio and video exercises.

2) Business English

Minimum level: Upper Intermediate.
For students who wish to improve Professional Communication Skills and for those who want to pursue Business Studies in English.

All students will:
Develop effective oral / written business communication skills and improve business vocabulary.

3) Teacher Training Course

This intensive four-week course taught by highly qualified and experienced trainers provides candidates with a practical grounding in teaching techniques and methodology through a combination of instruction, observation and extensive supervised teaching practice.

The course involves over 24 credit hours which includes 8 hours of observed teaching practice with English Language Students.

The class size is limited to 12 participants, which helps to create a friendly and personal atmosphere. Each day consists of input sessions and teaching practice.

* Numbers of hours and maximum class size may vary between centers. Please see each center’s page for more information and the weekly schedules.

4) Innovative Junior English(Summer Camp for Kids)

Junior groups have the unique opportunity to take a two-month study tour during the school year. At Innovative, we have a comprehensive junior program for groups, which includes lessons in the morning, workshops, presentations and study tips.

Each program is designed in a way that the instructor can understand and plan in advance the group's key language learning requirements and the topics to be included in the program. This ensures that goals are achieved and rapid progress is made in a positive and fun environment.

Students have lessons in the morning followed by a comprehensive recreational program.

> Activities can include some of the following
> Indoor Sports
> Cultural Role-play
> Quizzes
> Vocabulary Games

Courses Features

> Various lessons per week
> Placement test on arrival
> Elementary to advanced
> Maximum 15 students per class
> Weekly test
> Regular counseling with course director
> All course materials
> Comprehensive social and Cultural Program
> Individual and Group Language Activities
> Certificate and Report

OBJECTIVES: This English course will focus on all the genres within Language Skills Development. An English student in this class must understand the importance of these stories in the context of their times. This is accomplished by an examination of written task on personalities, focusing on the relationships among history, individual identity, and the culture of that era; all topics discussed will continuously re-surface this same theme, but from a different depth and perspective. Thus, the underlying theme of self-identity will help sharpen the student’s mind (and maybe a few pencils). We will gain a more focused scope, of the individual, by contrasting the history and culture that surrounds him / her.

Organizing, critical reading and discussion of English literature, writing a daily journal, writing a short essay with strong sentences and a strong thesis, writing a 10 page essay called the Reporter-at-Large, enhance vocabulary on a daily basis (by means of daily word games, Language work, and reading with a dictionary), attain grammar proficiency, read and understand various academic paragraphs, improve reading and presentation skills by many oral assignments.
Write multiple short stories, encourage self-discipline, work effectively with others and learn to apply constructive criticism to your own reading and writing.

FORMAT: Daily journal and vocabulary work, weekly essays and analytical presentations on short stories, detailed individual and group discussions on some major topics, continuous revising and rewriting, peer group work with constructive criticisms, regular grammar and Language work.

TECHNOLOGY: Poetry readings on tape, videos of major novels on VCR, and advanced audio – visual Technology.

5) Professional Telephone Skills (Job Oriented)

Be able to handle calls with confidence and professionalism. Turn difficult callers into delighted customers. Manage telephones more technically

The way your staff handles incoming calls and also approach prospective clients is of key importance in today's competitive marketplace. First impressions are vital and can either enhance or damage the business prospects of your company.

Develop a positive image in every call they make or take!

This program teaches you and your people everything you need to know about professional, polished telephone skills -- the kind that callers remember and respond to favorably. You'll gain proven strategies to turn every call -- even those that start off as complaints -- into a business-boosting contact.

Training in professional telephone skills is essential for any member of staff who spends time on the phone, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO MAKE AND RECEIVE EXTERNAL CALLS.

The telephone is the most common communication tool in business today - whether with colleagues, internal customers, external customers, superiors or subordinates. Everyday, there are nearly 500 million telephone calls made. As a result, millions of businesses project their images and reputation through the telephone lines daily.

Training in professional telephone skills is essential for any member of staff, who spends time on the phone.

Course content: attitudes and telephone behavior; the telephone voice; improve your listening; how to answer, control and close a call; and building the perfect call,
Customer’s moods and attitudes; difficult customers; what we say and how we say it; the right balance of responsiveness and assertiveness; and developing skills to prevent future problems.

Why is this important?
Because in making or answering a telephone call, you are representing yourself and everyone in your organization - managers, co-workers and subordinates - to your customers. Your callers form an impression of you and your organization from your telephone manner. Based on this impression, they decide whether to do business with you or take their business elsewhere. You've heard this before, and it's doubly true on the telephone: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That gives even more reason to make each call a quality call.

Target Audience:
All front-line managers; supervisors; salespeople, and front-line administrative staff - anyone who uses the phone professionally.

Understand the key qualities of an effective telesales operator; be able to distinguish good and bad voice traits; understand how to quickly establish rapport and get to business; develop sales skills to increase the bottom linel; be able to handle objections and queries effectively; get to the buyer first time every time!

Group Discussions
Individual & Group Exercises
Assistance with your current situations (if needed)
Practice sessions
Tutor Input & Support prior to and after the training

At the completion of the course, you get to take away The Training Team's course book for future reference and an official course certificate. You will also be fully supported after the training and our tutors will support you back in the workplace.

6) Professional Writing Program:

Designed to help students develop writing and research skills, which will be useful in the professional world and in future writing projects. This course concentrates on the writing of concise, informative prose, and emphasizes the importance of writing with a clearly defined purpose and audience. Assignments will be based on general principles of communication, but will usually take the form of writing done in the world of work: letters, memos, summaries and abstracts, reports, proposals, etc.

Students will often be able to write on subjects related to their own field of study. The course requires constant, careful attention to writing and rewriting, and many classes will be conducted as workshops, with writing exercises and detailed discussion of the work of class members.Professional Writing Skills is a step-by-step self-paced training program to improve business and professional writing skills. It trains you to organize your unclear thoughts and to arrange information in logical units. It guides you to develop your thoughts into a writing plan, and to compose a clear and effective writing plan. The book has numerous exercises. Let that not scare you! Only when you solve the exercises will you realize the common errors that you commit in business and professional writing.

Writing is a skill that is acquired through conscious and persistent effort: it is not an instinctive skill that we are born with. Writers must try to perceive their text from the readers’ point of view, and write in a way that is clear and relevant to their audience.

Professional Writing provides an analytical introduction to professional writing for different media. It covers topics from management, journalism to public relations. By using both theory and practice in an accessible way, this book will assist students and professionals to communicate effectively in different written formats. The book covers a broad range of areas of concern for writers, from sentence structure to final delivery copy. It is a compact, comprehensive and up-to-date guide for professional writing.


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